Louvred Specification Sheet For Acoustic Consultants

Acoustic Louvres

Acoustic Hardware Louvres are designed to facilitate airflow whilst reducing noise levels passing through them. Acoustic Louvres provide a range of attenuation performances for various pressure and airflow situations.

Acoustic Hardware Louvre 

Many acoustic consultants are often faced with specifying noise control in planning reports. Externally located plant items often require a level of noise control in order to meet the local authority criteria. Acoustic Hardware louvers can be used as noise control in the form of Acoustic Barriers or Acoustic Enclosures. Our easy to use specifications sheet for Acoustic Hardware’s Louvres provide acoustic consultants the easy ability to specify noise control to their clients.

Acoustic Hardware Louvres Attenuation Chart

Acoustic Hardware specification sheet are available to download here.

If you are an Acoustic Consultant seeking the design and manufacturing of any type of noise control get in touch via our contact page – We look forward to hearing from you.

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